DeLaval milking robots VMS
DeLaval milking robots VMS (voluntary milking system) are renowned for their operating efficiency and robust, around the clock performance. This system enables you to harvest up to 3,000 litres of milk per day per robot and come as standard with four quarter milking and mastitis detection index (MDi) milk analysis technology, among other things.

DeLaval VMS™

Every robot employs four individual ICAR approved milk meters measuring milk yields, blood, and conductivity all in one process. This ensures that each individual quarter is milked and precisely monitored.
As standard each milking robot is equipped with mastitis detection index MDI technology and a cow calendar. MDI enables you to measure the conductivity and blood levels of each quarter for every cow and alerts you if the animal is at risk of developing mastitis.

The cow calendar sends you regular alerts e.g. when a cow is due for insemination according to the 21-day cycle and activity measurement. AMS notifier is a unique app for you smart phone sending you instant alerts to let you know what’s going on when you’re not on farm. The app can be managed to send notifications and/or critical alarms day or night.

VMS Supra the most accurate udder health control
VMS Supra is equipped with the Online Cell Counter (OCC). This system produces accurate somatic cell counts every milking. This enables you record consistent information about each cow’s udder health. Automatic settings enable milk with high cell counts to be diverted and the cow flagged for treatment.
Online cell counter OCC

VMS Supra+ No.1 in reproduction management
VMS Supra+ is the ultimate tool for managing your herds reproduction. It comes equipped with Herd Navigator which detects cows that are on heat in your herd with 95% accuracy. It also identifies any cows that are at risk of developing ketosis or mastitis, before any clinical signs are visible.

Herd Navigator man and cows

Herd Navigator™ features

  • Automatic milk sampling during milking, and analysis of specific milk indicators.
  • It analyses parameters specific for mastitis, reproduction and metabolic disorders.
  • Identifies cows in need of special attention – for reproduction, health, feeding or animal welfare.
  • It recommends action plans to improve the cow’s condition.
  • It enables fast action before a cow shows any clinical signs of disease.
  • Automatic heat detection finds even silent heats, with the “gold standard” indicator progesterone.
  • It improves efficiency in daily tasks, and reduces time and effort in routine work.

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Second-hand milking robot VMS Installations

Daw refrigeration can install your second-hand VMS form start to finish supplying the complete package including all needed electricas and plumbing.

delaval milking robots vms