DeLaval Milking Parlours

Daw Refrigeration are a main dealer for DeLaval, supplying, installing and maintaining Delaval milking parlours throughout the southwest, based in the southwest Exeter Devon.
As well as installing and maintaining DeLaval milking parlours, Daw Refrigeration maintain all makes and models of milking parlour with twenty- four hour out of hours breakdown and repair service. This includes but is not limited to DeLaval, Fullwood, GEA, Vaccar, Waikato and kingston milking equipment.
Whether its a basic routine service and milking parlour plant test, or a full blown preventative maintenance package we have you covered.

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We can offer a range of parlours that are adapted to the needs of you and your farm. Every parlour is designed so you and your animals are comfortable and safe at all times. Our extensive research and development ensures a fast, efficient and thorough milking process from the moment your cows enter the milking parlour until the moment they leave.

There are plenty of milking equipment spares that can be order from our online webshop click here to search our parlour spares and other sundries.

Check out the installation of a DeLAval ML3100 milking parlour carried out by Daw Refrigeration (southwest, Cullompton, Devon)
This parlour included DeLavl auto ID, ACRs with soft start technology, MM27 ICAR approved milk meters, milking point controllers 680, variable speed direct drive vacuum pumps, 3-way sort gate, and IPF in parlour feeding.
The whole setup is driven by DeLavals heard management software Delpro.


DelPro™ FarmManager

DelPro Farm Manager presents the information captured, processed and analysed by DelPro to allow you to monitor the operation of your dairy farm from one easy to use application. learn more about DeLaval Delpro

  • Dashboard view for instant overview
  • Easily customised to meet your needs
  • Simple user interface

DeLaval milk meter MM27BC

This is a highly accurate ICAR approved milk meter which also monitors any blood traces in the milk, conductivity levels, kick-off and air entry in the liners. It offers fast milk yield monitoring and better control of cow health.

DeLaval mm27 milk meter

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP-NFO

Vane vacuum pump with unique NFO frequency inverter and integrated DeLaval vacuum pump controller VPC for much quieter milking and energy savings of 30% to 75%. Electronic control regulates vacuum levels: constant vacuum at 30% to 50% capacity for milking, full vacuum for cleaning. Up to three DVP2700-NFO pumps can be controlled by one VPC in our multi-pump solution, managing up to 80 milking points.

    • Helps save up to 60% energy
    • Available in different capacities

Delaval variable speed vacuum pump

DeLaval smart selection gate SSG

These gates save you a lot of time by letting you automate your traffic options: pre-select cows so only those with milking permission are allowed in DeLaval VMS™; allow all cows free access to the feed area; identify special cows for access to their own feeding area; regulate access to outdoor pasture and more.

Delaval milking parlour installation