Daw Refrigeration supply various makes and models of dairy water heaters up to and including 1080 litres. Depending on your requirements we can supply and install fully pressurised or vented water heaters. Both types of water heater are available with 48 hour heating time clocks, as well as timed filling clocks.
By limiting the filling to a specific time, you can make sure you are not diluting the already hot water with more cold water. This provides energy efficient usage for tanks and parlours whilst critically maintaining wash temperatures.
By limiting the heating with a 48-hour time clock, you can ensure your tank heats on off peak electric only the night before pickup. The tank will then hold its internal temperature for hours afterwards in preparation for wash the next day.

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Sizing your water heater

The correct size water heater for you milking parlour and/or tank is essential. Milks tank must wash out at around 40 degrees C , whereas milking parlours due to the constrictions must have a return wash temperature of around 60 degrees C. Obtaining these temperatures will ensure your chemical water mix has maximum cleaning effect on your plant.

  • Direct to line milking parlous require up to 12 litres of hot water per wash. E.g 20 unit swingover requires 240 litres of hot water for pre rinsing and main wash.
  • Jar parlours can require more hot water up to 15 litres including pre-rinsing for maximum cleaning effect.


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Heat Recovery

Go one step further and employ an energy efficient heat recovery system to provide you water heater with essentially free 50 degree pre heated water!! Check out our heat recovery section and how it works->>>