Milk tank heat recovery

Energy prices are constantly increasing, and in this day and age you cannot afford to waste any energy cooling your milk. Our Milk tank heat recovery units made by Serap, take the wasted energy from your compressors and use it to heat water which can then be directly pumped to existing hot water services.

  • Money Saving
  • Half the running cost of your hot water heaters
  • Massive energy savings
  • Retrofitted to existing installation

We provide a range of different milk tank heat recovery options. The tank to the left is a 470 litre heat recovery unit and on average will provide you with around 53°C water which is then pumped into your existing hot water setup. This arrangement takes the wasted heat from your milk tank compressors which is generally vented to the atmosphere, and uses it to pre-heat your hot water. This means that when the milk tank, or parlour hot water heaters come to heat their water, they have little to do as they already have pre-heated water at around 53°C.

milk tank heat recovery

If you require a milk tank heat recovery unit / heat exchanger, give us a call today and we can quickly calculate your estimated energy savings. Take a look at out calculators to see how much you could save heat recovery savings

Check out the full range and information on our Serap milk tank heat exchangers.