Delaval Silage Pusher – DeLaval OptiDuo™

Don’t just push feed, remix it with Delaval Silage Pusher – DeLaval OptiDuo™. Instead of compressing feed, we remix it – making it much more appetising for cows. Ideal for farms operating a once-per-day feeding frequency.

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  • Dual-action: Repositioning and Refreshing feed
  • Able to move big amounts of feed
  • Operates safely

Improved productivity

The unique rotating action of the OptiDuo™ refreshes feed as it is automatically repositioned back onto the feeding table. This makes the feed more attractive to cows, increasing consumption which means more milk.

  • More frequent and higher feed intake
  • More milk
  • 24/7 feed availability

Increased Work Efficiency

Manually pushing feed is a time consuming task that will be a thing of the past. Because of this it is a job that sometime is skipped when things get busy. The OptiDuo™ is working 24/7, right on schedule.

  • Saves time
  • Reduces workload
  • Adaptive drive: handles different feed types and volumes automatically

Improved Animal Welfare

OptiDuo™ remixes feed and then repositions it evenly along the feed table. This leads to less sorting and a more even distribution of feed, which means less stress for low ranked animals.

  • Cows visit the feeding table more often
  • Better cow traffic
  • Less competition at the feeding table

Less waste

Because previously sorted feed is not simply pushed back in front of the cow who rejected it, the Delaval Silage Pusher means less feed wastage and less time is spent removing leftover feed waste.

  • More appealing feed from first to last pass
  • Handles different feed types
  • Automatically adjusts for different feed volumes

Operates safely

The reliable of advanced navigation and the certainty of induction lines means that your OptiDuo™ will always be where you want it, with no unexpected movements. This certainty, when combined with advanced sensors that automatically stops the OptiDuo™ if it is obstructed by a person or animal and automatically restart only once the way is clear; have created the safest solution available.

  • Reliable navigation system
  • Automatically stops by safety sensors
  • Automatically restart when safe

Also big piles and different types of feed

A feature that only OptiDuo™ has is Adaptive Drive. Adaptive Drive means that your OptiDuo™ is able to adapt to different feed types and quantities. Not only will it adjust it´s speed, but also change track where necessary, to ensure your cows are always presented with the best feed.

  • Able to operate with larger feed piles
  • Able to adjust to different feed types
  • More flexibility means fewer stoppages

More feed intake, less leftovers

OptiDuo™ has the option: concentrate dispenser. Different types of concentrates can be dispensed as a teaser, mostly during the last runs

  • Ad concentrate as a teaser, e.g. during the last runs
  • Improve consumption even more
  • OptiDuo™ is prepared for later installation