Electrical installation and testing

We offer commercial and industrial electrical installation and testing services from small extensions up to large industrial size projects. Daw Refrigeration has a competent team of fully qualified electricians with years of experience.

Our electrical contracting department offers a wide range of services from agricultural installations, power generation, lighting schemes, CHP, distribution board inspections, building lighting, testing and inspecting fire alarm systems, and all other commercial and industrial electrical installations.

Below shows an example of cubicle sheds illuminated to approximately 200 lux

led lighting

Evidence shows that milk output and feed intake of lactating cows is highest with light periods of 16-18 hours per day and with a lighting level of at least 160-200 lux.

Long day length would appear to alter the secretion of a number of hormones. Such hormonal shifts are not unique to cows and drive the commonly observed changes in reproductive activity in other species, too. Long days reduce the duration of elevated melatonin and produce higher secretion of the hormone insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I). Higher IGF-I is thought to increase milk yield.

On average, it is expected that cows on long days will produce an average of two litres more than control animals on natural photoperiod.

It is important to balance extended daylight with periods of darkness. However, light levels should be maintained around 30 lux to provide the cows with sufficient light to move around the building and exhibit normal behaviour with confidence.

Check out AHDB for more information on how you can improve your lighting systems and the benifit it brings.


Periodic and conditioning reports

Daw Refrigeration’s electricians are Exeter based, and we install electrical systems throughout the southwest and all over the country.
We can complete commercial periodic inspection and conditioning reports required for insurance purposes.